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Infrastructure is Not Sexy – Discover Tranquil-I.T.

Happy October! The holiday season is coming upon us. We all know what that means… holiday shopping, family gatherings, and most importantly, year-end budget reallocations! Ok, yes, I know. Year-end budgeting does not carry the same gravitas as a candlelight religious service. But it is something that many businesses do this time of the year. […]

Professional Grade Technology – Discover Tranquil-I.T.

When the leaves start to change color, we usually take a little time to clean up around the house. Nothing too strenuous. We want to make the home presentable for the holidays. This past weekend, I pulled out our electric power washer to wash away some dirt and cobwebs. Even though it’s one of the […]

Spam Filtering – Discover Tranquil-I.T.

Email spam. We all hate it. But, unfortunately, too many of us have accepted spam as a way of life. No matter what we do, we are constantly bombarded with undesired, and sometimes dangerous, emails. First and foremost, if you receive a spam email, delete it. Don’t open it. Don’t read it. And for goodness […]

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