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Managed Service Methodology

Our managed services are designed around the following priorities.

Data Backup – Whether backing up an on-premises server, or protecting the data stored in your Microsoft 365 tenant, maintaining a copy of your data in a safe and secure location is critical to prevent-ing data loss and restoring operations after a major incident.

Preventative Maintenance – A strong preventative maintenance program prevents costly and disruptive service interruptions.

Endpoint Security – With employees accessing company data from virtually anywhere, the security boundary of your organization must extend to cover these mobile employees. Virtual private net-works (VPNs) encrypt and protect data when accessing over a public network. Next-Generation (NGEN) antivirus detect and isolate threats to keep your remote endpoints secure.

Microsoft 365 Security – Microsoft spends approximately $4B per year to keep your Office 365 data secure.  That said, Microsoft customers are responsible to ensure the correct security settings are enabled for their business.  CMA Technology encourages the use of advanced security features such as conditional access and app protection to ensure your data stays safe.

Monitoring – Technology systems must be monitored to ensure consistent operation.  The CMA Technology Operations team is specifically tasked to responds to alerts and keep your systems running “in the green.”

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CMA Technology Service Plans

CMA Command defines the suite of I.T. management services offered by CMA Technology. Our services are offered in three different packages according to the needs of your business.

CMA Command Standard – CMA Command Standard provides a robust suite of automated monitoring and security services. These services provide the fundamental security protections required by all businesses.

CMA Command Advanced – CMA Command Advanced builds upon CMA Command Standard by adding advanced security services for mobile users and Microsoft 365.

CMA Command Enterprise – CMA Command Enterprise includes all the security features of CMA Command Advanced. Our Enterprise plan also includes flat-rate pricing for our Support Desk.

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Our Service Commitment

For those new to our services, we pledge to solve your immediate needs.

  • Ensure the necessary protections are in place to secure your data
  • Keep your devices updated and protected
  • Provide technical support to your team
  • Ensure new users and new computers are deployed with consistent configurations
  • Utilize process-based systems to ensure consistent and high-quality service

For those who enjoy a long-term relationship with CMA Technology, we pledge to guide you through a transformational journey in the following areas.

  • Grow your cloud-first experience to enhance productivity when working away from the office
  • Incorporate Microsoft Teams into your operations to improve communication and collaboration
  • Improve the security of your organization’s data regardless of if your data is on-premises, mobile, or in the cloud
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